How Are Nitrogen Generators Used?

Nitrogen generators produce the gas itself. They are used for a variety of applications, such as food packaging and mining. While nitrogen cylinders can be used at various sites, the recurring cost and hassle of replacing them can halt production. Instead, nitrogen generators create the gas on-site, when needed without having to rely on the supply. Regardless of where a company is located, it can use this generator to meet the needs of the business.

How Do They Work?

The heart of a nitrogen generator is a membrane made of hollow fibres. The fibres allow air to pass through, filtering out faster-moving gases. They do not require the storage of nitrogen, which is a major benefit for many industries. Compared to other generators, the membranes are compact and energy-efficient. Because they don’t use electricity or water, they are especially suited for purification processes.

The cost of a nitrogen generator is only a fraction of the cost of cylinders, dewars, and liquid methods. Additionally, they have a 90 per cent lower operating cost compared to other methods. These benefits can translate into lower utility costs and more operational efficiency. When you compare the cost of generators to the cost of cylinders, dewars, and other types of liquid methods, you’ll find the cost difference is dramatic.


The Benefits

Nitrogen generators are portable or stationary air-to-nitrogen production complexes. The operating principle of these units depends on the relationship between temperature and pressure. Pressure swing adsorption plants have the broadest global application due to this method being highly efficient. They produce nitrogen continuously, removing the need for canister deliveries and supplier prices. And they eliminate gas waste and are highly efficient compared to the alternatives.

On-site nitrogen generation is an effective solution for industrial and manufacturing users that face the issue of obtaining nitrogen gas from external sources. Traditional acquisition of this gas requires high-pressure cylinders. Inefficient cylinders can lead to downtime and waste of money. That is the reason why nitrogen on-demand generation has been so popular recently, as it gives you a consistent supply of high-purity nitrogen gas around the clock. It is also safer, more convenient, and less expensive compared to purchasing cylinders.  The benefits also include improved productivity and guaranteed purity. They are also environment friendly.