Ways to Improve Your Business’s Work Environment

There are many factors contributing to the atmosphere and vibe of any work environment. For those who work in an enclosed space such as an office, staff can become quite miserable if there is a toxic atmosphere. The layout, design and setup of your work space can affect how enjoyable it is to work there. Plus there is the dynamic between management and employee, as well as the relationship between all staff members. The following tips can be quite useful when maintaining and pleasant working environment for your business.

Recognise positives and negatives in your staff

Every good working environment has the right people working there. If you ensure to hire people that are honest, professional, dedicated and likeminded you can rest assured that they will be able to work amicably together. It is truly incredible how much damage one bad staff member can do to upset the entire balance of your workspace. Try to identify warning signs at the interview stage to avoid hiring someone that could potentially cause problems at a later stage. If you missed the warning signs and someone develops a bad attitude later down the line you need to do what you can to resolve the issue promptly. If it turns out that the issue is simply the staff member then you may have to take more permanent steps to rectify it.


Communication in the Work Environment

Communication is key! This phrase is so true for many parts of life. It is just as important in a work space as it is in any relationship in life. Be vocal about the good work that your team are doing. People react very well to encouragement and positivity. There are official meetings where you can give detailed feedback, such as appraisals but you can adopt other methods which are more regular and public to include the entire team. You can do a weekly email or a monthly newsletter to highlight positive work that has been conducted in the business. You don’t need to single any one staff member out. Even by mentioning a few projects or tasks or developments that you are happy with or impressed with or perhaps positive feedback from a client or customer. These little reminders that the staff are doing something good will be a great motivator for continuous good work and will make the work environment much more pleasant.

The Office Space

This aspect is one of the more obvious things to talk about when creating a pleasant work environment. However most managers and directors are so preoccupied with the business itself that they don’t take time to notice what state the office is in. People working 40 plus hours a week will feel like they spend most of their time in the office, the least you can do is make it clean and tidy. Always have the place cleaned professionally and encourage cleanliness from all the staff. Have plenty of bins that are emptied daily. Take care when it comes to the kitchen area. Depending on the size of your business you might need to buy more microwaves or fridges or cutlery so that there is space for everyone to get their lunch within the allocated time for lunch break. Breaks should be relaxing and enjoyable.