Airbnb Vs Hotels Near Merchant City Glasgow

When it comes to quality and price, Airbnb and hotels near merchant city Glasgow are both good choices. However, when it comes to cancellation policies, a little knowledge can go a long way. Airbnb can sometimes be more flexible, but most hotels have similar policies. Airbnb offers more unique accommodations and more amenities than many hotel chains. However, hotels are the better choice if you’re looking for a place to stay that won’t break the bank.

hotels vs airbnb

Cancellation and refund policies

While both Airbnb and hotels near merchant city Glasgow have different cancellation policies, Airbnb’s policy is generally stricter than hotels’. Cancellations made within 48 hours of check-in are fully refunded, while those made within a week of the check-in date will be subject to a partial refund.

Although Airbnb hosts are free to make changes to their bookings, they do not have to pay any fees unless there are extenuating circumstances. A good example is a government requirement or pandemic. Airbnb will sometimes waive the cancellation fee for guests who cancel long-term stays due to these circumstances.


Hotels near merchant city Glasgow tend to offer more amenities than Airbnbs. For example, they often have lounges, rooftop bars, designated taxi and Lyft zones, room service, security, and more. They also offer complimentary breakfast, daily housekeeping, and Wi-Fi. In addition, they have better customer service.

While many hotels are more expensive, they still provide more amenities to their guests. For instance, luxury hotels may offer on-site restaurants and spa services. In comparison, you’ll typically find free amenities at an Airbnb listing, but it might cost more to upgrade.


There are some concerns about the taxation of Airbnb, as it competes with traditional hotel lodging. For starters, there is little evidence that Airbnb offers net benefits to society as a whole. Further, Airbnb does not own real estate and collects its fees by acting as a middleman between landlords and renters.

Nevertheless, Airbnb does collect most city sales and occupancy taxes. However, it does not collect county tourist or Surfside taxes, which are typically collected by hotels. In addition, some cities require licenses to operate. If Airbnb doesn’t adhere to these requirements, it can face fines and penalties.

Booking a vacation rental vs a hotel

There are a few advantages to booking a vacation rental rather than a hotel. One obvious benefit is that vacation rental homes offer more privacy and space. Also, vacation rentals have private amenities, such as saunas, game rooms, and home theaters. These are features that hotel rooms cannot match.

One obvious disadvantage to booking a vacation rental is the price. In many cases, vacation rentals cost more than hotels. However, many hotels are located in convenient locations close to attractions, conveniences, and transportation. In some cases, the prices of vacation rental units can be more affordable than hotels.