Installing French Doors Glasgow: A Brief Guide

If you’re planning to replace an old window with a new one, you may want to consider installing French doors instead. French doors in Glasgow are popular home features these days. They add extra daylight, increase property value and allows for a convenient and modern entrance into your private garden. They are perfect for those who have kids, pets, or just love to host garden gatherings!  In this article, we’ll walk you through the process and cover what to expect, from choosing the right type of door to installing it.

Choosing The Type

Before you start the process, you must consider the different types of windows. You can choose single-hung or double-hung windows. Arched and bow windows are available, as are arched and circle windows. Picture windows and skylights are also available, as are various types of glass. Consider the functions of the windows before you begin the process of replacement. While the price can be influenced by many factors, these factors should be considered before making a final decision.

The Installation

The steps involved in installing a new French door vary depending on the type. Some doors are pre-hung, and hinge pins are removed before installing the frame. Then, the panels are hung. Then, the new door is fitted to the frame. If you choose to install a pre-hung door, you will need to remove the old frame and replace the hinge pins. Then, you will need to carefully follow the instructions on how to install a new door

Steps For Installing

Installing a new French door requires several steps, so follow these instructions to ensure that you have a successful installation. First, pry the old door frame away from the wall without damaging it. Be sure to set aside the trim that you plan to use again when reinstalling the door. Next, use a carpenter’s square or a long level to make sure the opening is square. If necessary, use wood shims to level the door frame.

Type Of French Doors

Having a secure lock on your French door is a must for this type of door. You can install a classic deadbolt lock, which works by turning a key or knob. A classic deadbolt lock will keep thieves out because it is made from steel and is difficult to break. When it comes to choosing a type of French door for your home, it is important to consider the locks’ functionality before purchasing them

Final Words

French doors are an easy way to revamp your living/kitchen space. Their installation is often quick and simple and usually requires minimal labour. Be sure to choose the right door type and window to achieve the look you are going for. There are many different types of doors to suit any home and style. You can also visit a showroom to see the door choices in person to help you make the right decision. Prices will also vary depending on the size and type.