Brexit Uncertainty Continues To Effect Scottish Businesses

With the Brexit deal extended to January 2020, the frustration and uncertainty continue for businesses all over the UK.  Many Scottish firms are left in the dark as to what this extension and ultimately Brexit itself means for them.  In an attempt to answer the growing number of concerns that organisations are having about these issues, Scottish Enterprise, a government agency set up to help Scottish commerce and economic development, has provided an extra 160 support staff in Clydebank to deal with calls from businesses. 

This is all fine and well, but most Scottish firms would agree that they would rather see a quick Brexit deal, rather than more drawn-out negotiations that are causing uncertainty for their business.  Many businesses have paused growth operations, with some even halting the development of new factories and offices that would normally result in an increase in productivity.  At the moment, however, everyone is in a kind of limbo, and these exciting new initiatives are not being rolled out by businesses due to the all too familiar uncertainty of Brexit. 

Another issue companies are facing is the potential loss of staff who come from overseas.  Non-British nationals who work in the UK may be subject to new employment regulations depending on how the Brexit negotiations come to a conclusion. 

It is a shame that Brexit over the past 3 years has done more to divide us as a nation than it has to bring us together.  When we finally do exit out of the European Union, the bonds of the union will undoubtedly be stretched thin, as the whole process has seen our UK nations squabbling and fighting against each other.  Rather than working together and looking for compromise in our expectations, the Brexit negotiations have created new divisions and brought up old ones.