Pallet Trolleys Make For Logistical Harmony

If your business send or receives anything on the back of a truck, chances are you already know how pallet trolleys work and perhaps you already know some of the benefits that they can offer you.  They make the transportation of goods around your premises easier and safer, with the bonus of added efficiency.

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Pallet Trolleys Not All The Same

However you may not know that not all pallet trolleys are created equally, and in fact there are several types available that can meet different needs.  Firstly, pallet trolleys can come as a traditional manual push trolley, but they can also come as an electric unit.  These electric units have around the same dimensions of their manual counterpart, however they are considerably heavier, weighing in at an average weight of 450 kilos.  This is much heavier when compared to just 80 kilos which is the average weight of the manual trolley, however the functionality of the electric trolley makes it very attractive.

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Electric Vs Manual Pallet Trolleys

For starters the electric model can on average lift over three times that of the manual one.  It can also speed up efficiency as it can operate faster and get more work done.  It also reduces the strain on the operator, meaning that staff satisfaction levels will usually be greater when they are using an electric model.  The electric pallet trolleys also have a greater degree of safety when they are being operated.  This is due to the controlled nature and accuracy that can be achieved when you compare them against a manual trolley.

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Versatile Investment

Once you have chosen a trolley that suits your needs and budget, it is time to put it to work. The truth is you might actually find your business using the trolley for reasons outside your normal business operations.  For example, you might have some new office furniture delivered that needs to come off the back of a truck.  A trolley jack makes this whole exercise easier and safer, and without one it would take a lot longer to get the goods off the truck and get them inside.  You might have some new equipment delivered to your warehouse, factory or workshop that would be an absolute nightmare without the assistance of a trolley jack.

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Great For Growing Businesses

Pallet trucks represent a smart long term business investment for any business that might be starting of their own scaling journey.  Scaling up any operation can be an intense time for a business, but if you are looking to grow operations and want to start shifting more products or receiving more raw goods, then logistics have to be considered.

Look After It And It Will Look After You

As long as you keep your trolley jack properly serviced and stored correctly, there is no reason that this piece of equipment cannot last as long as any other business asset.  Trolley jacks need to have the oil checked around every 6 months and should be inspected every year for wear and to see if the components are ok.  They should always be stored indoors as the rain and elements will quickly degrade them like any other piece of equipment that is left outside.